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(Sad beginning, Happy ending)

My name is Kiza, and I am the owner of ABC Learning Childcare & Preschool located in Murrieta, CA. (formally known as Maria's ABC Learning Childcare & Preschool). My mom, Maria, originally founded Maria's ABC Learning Childcare & Preschool over 25 years ago. I would like to share with you, my mother's story, and why I chose to continue on with her legacy.

About 28 years ago my parents welcomed a little girl into this world. (me)! Prior to opening her home up to take care of children, my mom worked as a flight attendant for Alaska/Horizon Airlines. It wasn't long before my mom would have to return back to work. Both of my parents had crazy schedules, so it was extremely difficult for them to find a daycare that would be able fit their needs. Finally, after endless hours of searching, they found someone. The person they hired was licensed, qualified in both CPR & First Aid, and seemed to be very loving and trustworthy.

Shortly after my parents returned to work full time, they started noticing that I was losing weight, and acting lethargic. They took me to the Pediatrician frequently, and although he wasn't overly concerned, my parents were. My parents asked the daycare provider if I was eating, drinking and acting normal. The daycare provider claimed that everything was normal, and that there was nothing to worry about. Shortly after, I ended up being hospitalized for being dehydrated, malnourished and anemic.

When my parents confronted the daycare provider, the excuse given was that they "forgot" to tell my parents that I wasn't eating at all! The daycare provider's horrific response was, "if your daughter didn't like what was being fed to her, then we simply would not bother feeding her". My parents were devastated, angry and felt horrible for leaving me with someone they thought they could trust.

The doctor advised my parents I would have to stay in the hospital for awhile, but when released, the doctor advised my mom to stay home with me until I fully recovered... Frightened... my mom didn't want to leave me in anyone else's care again, so she came up with the idea of opening up her own in-home daycare. She never wanted any child or their parents to experience what she or I went though. That is when she made a vow to open a daycare that would nurture, love and cherish all the children that came in and out of her home.

I looked at my mom as an angel. Even the daycare parents would call her their angel! When I was younger, I looked forward to helping my mom with the daycare children. I would even try to skip school so I could help out (shhh...)! I watched in amazement, the love that would pour out of my mom. I couldn't wait to grow up and be just like her! I truly admire and respect my mom with all of my heart. She loved and cared for so many children through the years.

About 6 years ago, my mom moved and told me it was my turn to take over and continue the daycare she started. Although I was sad that my mom moved, I was excited at the same time, to have the opportunity to carry on my mom's legacy. I love and cherish every single child that walks through my door and have the same passion for ensuring the highest level of care is given to each child. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I welcome you to The ABC Learning Childcare & Preschool.  







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