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Quotes Before we met Kiza, we had met and interviewed countless daycares. There was always something that we felt uneasy about whether it be that the place appeared dirty, unsafe, etc. We had just pulled our 2 yr old daughter from a previous day care after she had an injury and her provider was hesitant to take her to the hospital because her "ratio" would be too high. My husband and I were mortified. Our main priorities in choosing a day care for our child have always been first, that she is kept safe from harm, second, she is loved and third, that she is intellectually stimulated. Kiza's care for our daughter has been beyond all of our expectations. She is patient, kind, loving, and generous and has taught our child so much. You don't meet many providers that tell your child she loves them and shows it in every way. Our daughter loves her and her assistant to pieces. She's the best and we are lucky to have her in our lives. Quotes
Lucky Mama

Quotes Our family started with ABC childcare last year in June. We had gone to over 6 daycares in less then 2 weeks time. I walked into every one, and i felt a sense of anxiety and was very unsatisfied with the way they presented their business. When my son Noah and I walked into Mrs Kizas home, i knew it was the spot for us :) I never felt such comfort in knowing "this was it" and I knew I had to jump on this opening while I had it In the year we have been there, I have seen such a difference in Noah, hes talking more and more every day :) I just know I could not have found a better daycare to place Noah in. He is so happy here, and so are we :) Mrs Kiza is heaven sent thats for sure Quotes
Noahs Mom

Quotes We are a dual active duty military family. Due to our demanding jobs, we are always on the go. I am also a nurse, so my schedule is never the same. My children have gone to the ABC Learning and Childcare since my oldest (now 11) was 5 years old. My two babies (now 3 and 4) have been going since they were just weeks old. The love they receive here is unmatched. I drop my children off (at crazy hours, might I add) without an ounce of worry. That alone is worth so much. To not have to worry that your children are being taken care of and loved is invaluable. It lets me concentrate on my duties in the military without the stress of worrying about my children. There aren't enough words to describe how much I love this place and how we would not be able to accomplish our jobs or maintain our lives without Ms. Kiza. She is an absolute angel and we would be lost without her. Nikki Selby and Jerry Geier Quotes
Very Satisfied mom and dad

Quotes When I was searching for childcare a little over year ago, I did not want to place my child in a daycare center. Although daycare centers had a great curriculum, the buildings all seemed cold and uninviting. My prayers were answered when I showed up at the ABC Learning Childcare & Preschool! From the moment I drove up to the property, I felt a sense of comfort and love. After meeting Kiza and looking around the place a bit, I was very happy. I knew that I found a place where my daughter would feel loved and would also get the preschool education I was looking for. My daughter gets excited when I tell her it's time to go Ms. Kiza's! I feel very secure and content knowing that my daughter is being very well cared for. It's more than just a preschool for daughter is loved. Quotes
Kimi Stubblefield
Secure Mom